Cemetery Rules

Rules and regulations

  • As a courtesy to our Rosewood Park families we will place a bronze flower vase on the grave.   If your monument order is placed through Rosewood Park Cemetery the courtesy vase will remain until the monument is installed.  Otherwise the vase will be removed in 30 – 60 days.  For the convenience of our families we offer a full line of monuments and memorials.  However, if you wish to purchase elsewhere, please remember you must have our approval of your selection to ensure it meets our regulations.  We will be responsible for your memorial for many years, therefore we supervise installation of all memorial and markers at a nominal charge.
  • Funeral flowers will be removed in 5 days or when they become unsightly.
  • Fresh cut flowers must be placed in monument flower vases.
  • When the flowers have withered, they will be removed by the cemetery maintenance staff.
  • Potted plants, wreaths, artificial flowers placed in monument vases, and baskets may be placed the week prior to Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Day.  They will be removed one week following the Holiday.
  • Christmas wreaths and winter grave decorations may be placed any time after December 1st and will be removed by the cemetery staff after January 5th.  These decorations will be retained by the cemetery for fourteen days and then disposed of unless claimed by the owners before that time elapses.
  • Artificial flowers that are placed in monument vases that are integral parts of the family monuments will not be removed until their appearance is unsightly.  It is recommended that you attach the monument name to the flower arrangement.
  • Visitors are reminded of the cemetery’s obligation to maintain the lawns and that trimming of the grass is continuous throughout the grass growing season.  Any decoration not in a monument vase constitutes a major mowing problem and will be removed.
  • Digging or placement of glass jars, tin cans, rocks, metal rods, statues, wind chimes, etc. in the ground are not allowed.
  • Rosewood Park is not responsible for any containers placed at any interment location.  Owners may make inquiry at the office for any unauthorized containers which may have been removed for park maintenance purposes.  These containers are retained by the cemetery for two weeks following removal.

Planting privileges

In all sections of the cemetery, landscaping, including planting, has been carried out as part of a completed development program.  The planting of plants, trees, shrubs or flowers are not allowed in individual cemetery spaces.

Memorial Trees are available in selected cemetery areas.

Estate Lots

Planting is allowed in some select estate lots, but must be approved and supervised by the park superintendent.


  • Artificial or fresh cut flowers are permitted on the patio crypts.  Artificial flowers only are permitted inside the chapel area.  Flowers are to be placed in vases provided on crypt fronts.  Please keep arrangement to the appropriate size as to not infringe on the adjoining crypts.
  • Items such as key chains, pictures, taped letters, etc. are not allowed on the crypts or in the cracks between the crypts as this can cause chipping, staining and discoloration of the marble.  Porcelain portraits that are permanently attached to crypts fronts are available through the cemetery. Office.
  • Rosewood Park is designed and maintained for the living as well as for our beloved dead.  The cooperation of all those whose interests are here will help make your cemetery more beautiful as the years pass by.
  • A copy of our rules and regulations are on file in our office for your assistance.  We reserve the right to change any rule or regulation without prior notice.
  • Visiting hours are 8 a.m. to sunset daily.  Please do not enter after hours without permission.

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